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Booking at the Haven Lounge

Interested in performing at the Haven Lounge? Read the following, then email the appropriate contact to get started. We receive a lot of requests, so put your best foot forward!

Haven Lounge Booking

National & Local Booking:
Include in your e-mail
Basic information about your band: musical style, name of person to contact, phone number, Facebook and/or website link where we can view and listen to your band, plus the dates you are looking to get booked, etc.
Wait to hear back
We’re sorry we can’t get back with everyone but will try our best. We get a multitude of e-mails each day from bands and if we don’t respond back it’s not that we’re trying to blow you off. There is only so much time in the day. We do look at and consider everyone who submits a request. If you don’t hear back from us in a week or so, feel free to try back.
Secrets of how to get booked
If you’re a local band, we like to hear that you can bring people, or are at least willing to make an effort to promote your show. If you’re an out-of-town band (local in your hometown), your best bet is to get in through an Orlando-area local (e.g. a gig exchange), unless you can make a compelling case for yourselves (e.g. you’re on a label, have played or toured with some bigger acts… something).
Can we put our own show together?
If you are a band or promoter who we know to have strong organizing skills; COMMUNICATES with us regarding the band lineup and other details, and COMMUNICATES with the other bands and MAKES ABSOLUTELY SURE THEY CLEARLY KNOW WHO GOES ON WHEN the answer is usually yes. (CD release parties and benefits are always welcome.)
All-Age Shows
Special arrangements can be made for all-age shows. Available nights and times are Sundays, and as early shows on Monday through Thursday from 5-9 pm. On all-age shows, the venue gets 50 percent of the door money up to $400.00, and if more than 4 bands are on the bill, another $25 for each additional band. Other arrangements can be made, depending on circumstances.
Can we bring our own sound-man?
Most shows are run by our house sound-man. If you bring your own, (s)he can only work under the supervision of our house sound-man.
Can we sell our merchandise?
Absolutely! Bands are welcome to sell merchandise and keep 100 percent of the proceeds. We have tables for that purpose and will be glad to set them up for you.
Band Payout
How bands get paid depends on who books you. Generally, $150 comes out of the total door money to cover the house sound-man and the door person, and the rest goes to the bands (the standard in any club). However, there are different situations and possible arrangements, as some of our shows are booked by outside promoters. Just ask whoever you are trying to book through how the band money works.
Open Mic Nights
The Haven has open mic nights on Tuesday unless there is a special event (please check the schedule). Admission is free, bands and musicians of all musical styles are welcome. No booking is necessary, just show up. Please keep in mind this is not a serious gig or a competition. It’s for everyone to have fun. You are limited to 3 or 4 songs. The stage is back-lined with a house drum kit (Drummers can bring pedals and cymbals — please do not bring your entire kit.). Guitarists, bassists and other musicians will need to bring their instruments and amps, however, we encourage you to keep it simple in order not to slow down change-overs.
Anything else we should know?
All bands get discounted drinks, except on open mic nights.

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