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Venue Specifications

Looking for the low-down on what gear is available at the Haven? Below is a comprehensive and ever-evolving list of production equipment.

General Info

The Haven is a 350-plus capacity venue with a full-liquor bar, located in the Aloma Square Shopping Center on Aloma & Forsyth (6700 Aloma Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32792). We specialize in all types of live music with local, regional and national bands. Most shows are age 18 & up. Open Monday thru Saturday, 12 noon until 2 am, and some Sundays for special events. Lighted parking is free and virtually unlimited in the shopping center.

Below is a list of production equipment. (Subject to change.)

House P.A., Stage and Lighting Specs

  • Front of House (3-Way Stereo, tri-amped)
  • Behringer X-32 (compact) mixer
  • 4 Crown Macro-Tech 2400
  • 2 Crown Macro-Tech 3600
  • Rane AC-24 3-way stereo crossover
  • 4 JBL SRX-series sub cabinets (2 per side), each with 2 JBL 2241H 18s
  • 4 JBL SRX-series mid/high cabinets (2 per side), each with 2 JBL 2226H 15s and 1 horn
  • Note: Touring bands can bring their own board if needed.

Monitors (passive, 4 individual mixes)

  • Crown Macro-Tech 2400, Micro-Tech 1200 power amps
  • 2 DBX 231 dual 31-band graphic equalizers
  • 2 DBX 166 limiters
  • Drum monitor: Carvin 1588 (2-15-inch, mids, and horn)
  • Side monitors: 2 Yamaha SM-15H floor wedges (stage left, stage right)
  • Front monitors: 2 Yamaha SM12H floor wedges
  • Note: Additional monitor equipment can be added by touring bands if needed.


  • Shure SM-58s
  • Shure SM-57s
  • Shure Beta 52s
  • Shure Beta 56s
  • Sennheiser E-609s
  • Sennheiser E-902s
  • Whirlwind EDB1 direct boxes
  • Note: Additional mics can be brought in by the band if needed.

Stage Dimensions

  • 24-ft wide x 18-ft deep x 20-in high
  • 8-ft x 8-ft x 20-in drum riser
  • 4-ft x 2-ft front extension (for center-stage monitors)
  • Stage floor-to-ceiling/bridging height: Approx. 12-ft.

Lighting Specs (all LED, DMX controlled)

  • 16 LED PAR 64 cans (back row)
  • 8 LED mini spot moving heads
  • 2 LED mini wash moving heads
  • 3 8-eye fan beam lights
  • 2 LED COB lights (front wash)
  • 2 LED Par 56 (front center)
  • Chauvet Hurricane 1301 fog machine (Additional foggers can be brought in, or band can bring their own if needed.)
  • 2 DMX controllers
  • MacBook Pro running QLC+ virtual console (on bigger shows)
  • Note: Touring bands can bring their own console and/or run lights if needed.

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